The restoration of my Charger has not been possible without the help of friends and relatives. On this page I like to thank all who helped and supported me during the job.  


Röling Autobekleding & Stoffering Bought the Car from, seats & vinyl roof
William & Rende (De Boom Autorestauraties) Bodywork, paintjob, rechroming & various other help and assistance
Rik Alleman (Parts-n-Stuff) Several parts supplier Yearone

Fred v/d Sanden (Moparstore)

Engine parts, several miscellaneous items, shipping & lots of support
Pascal (Six-Pack Speedshop) Engine parts, several miscellaneous items, lots of support & wedding service
Yearone Lots of new parts
Oliver Zinn (Moparshop Germany) Various parts, tires, axle, brakes & for restoring my Sure-Grip
Performance Car Graphics Stickers & tags
Progear Rebuilding the axle
Middendorp, Barneveld Powder coating
Eeltink Bladveren For re-stretching the rear leafs
Usaci (Clemon van Lankveld ) For finding & shipping the engine
Dymotrack Cleaning/boring/honing and balancing the engine
Ted Berris    Transmission revision, diverse parts & technical support
Mark van Diepenbeek (Corvette Centre) Technical assistance
Inet Solutions Web-hosting
Ebay For being a great auction site
Mopar Club Holland For being a great club

Special thanks to:
JWtje van Waning For building my engine, finding parts & lots of support
Gijs van Waning Parts & support
Jeroen Mutsaers Window clips, support and great help
Fred van Dijk (Moparfred) Restoring my PS gearbox and supplying lots of other miscellaneous items
John Kokx Parts & support
Marco Kohler Steering wheel and great support on a daily basis J
Jeroen Branbergen For welding the RVS (Stainless Steel) exhaust
Marcel (Gemie) van Gemert Miscellaneous help & support
Barry Vink Help & support
Marck Harteveld Parts & Support
Michiel (Kingjoop) van Zalk Support & Web-help
Henk Klop Freeze plugs & support
Andrew Silkworth For boxing up my Ebay stuff in the USA
Dan Myers For boxing up my Ebay stuff in the USA
Roy Rabeling Trim parts, tips & good addresses
Harry Rombout Several used parts & engine parts
Niels (Brezan)  Parts & (brake) support
Vico Huveneers (brake) support & great help
Carsten Woitenek Decoding the VIN/Fender tag & general info
John Meeuwesen Metallising, support & several brainwaves 
Peter van Zoeren Metallising
Gilbert Schuurmans (& Santbergen) For reproducing extinct parts 
Wouter Achterkamp  Dash parts & support
Eric van Vroonhoven  Fixing my dash clock 
Geert (Duster440) Parts & support
Martijn (440Dart)  Parts & support
John Janssens Replacing front & rear window
Dorus Russon Parts & support
Marco Vissers For moving the Charger to my new home address.
Toon van Aaken Parts & support
Wishnu Ville Info & Support
Alain van Walsum Help & support
Paul & David (Bowierstraat) Help & support
Johan Lokhorst (Zuiderleven) Car insurance
Jan Hamerslag For letting me use the car bridge, FANTASTIC!
All forum guests of all forums I visit For their interest, help and support

Special-special thanks to:

Mijn Ellen, zonder haar geduld en begrip was dit alles niet mogelijk geweest!

Mijn Vader, Moeder, Erik, Corine, Hans, Jonathan, Thomas, Manon, Lucas, Eva, Rob,en alle andere familie & vrienden.


This Restoration is dedicated in remembrance of 

HB van Engelen, my Father *19-12-1923  19-08-2004


I hope I've done everything right!