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Lot's of Thanks for letting me use the best looking Charger picture ever for the frontpage of!


I love the PP1 paint color its so sweet as you know. I have had my red 68 for 25yrs now and would never sell it. I bought it when I was a junior in high school for $900.00 from my dad'd friend the original owner and I now have over 190 thousand miles on it and loved every mile. Believe it or not i have been showing the car for the last 3yrs and there are very few cars left out there that color, last year out of all the car shows i went to there was only one other charger that was red and it needed a full resto...

440, 30 over 11.5 to 1 TRW free floating dome pistons
Balanced, crank is 10/10, rods hardened and reconed
67, 915 closed chamber heads, ported
Mopar M1 aluminum intake & 850 Holley Double Pumper
484/284 Mopar cam, double roller timing chain & gears
727 Torqefright with 3000 stall, B&M Shift Kit 8 3/4 new 355 sure grip
Headers off, HP Manifolds and 2.5 aluminized pipes out the back
Mopar electronic ign added & MSD Blaster ign
Rear sway bar was added in 1980, works well
Powder coated Skid plate K-Flame upgrade

Patty's (Dan's wife) Charger...

Current project:

Bob Jenner

Elk, Washington


The car has been restored to look identical to the new one that I purchased in 1968.  I bought this one in the summer of 1997 and had it on the road by 1999.  It started life as a 318 car but has been cloned as a 440 R/T.  It has a 1971 440, 30 over TRW forged flat top pistons, polished forged crank, 346 heads (unported) with 3 angle valve job, Hooker competition 1 7/8" headers, Erson 100 cam (close to stock magnum grind), Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and a 750 Holley double pumper.  The transmission is a 727 rebuilt with a Trans-Go shift kit hooked to a B&M Mega Shifter.  The rear end is a 3.55 8 3/4" 489 case with Auburn sure grip built by Randy's Ring and Pinion.  The rear wheels are 8X15 magnums with 275/60/15's and the fronts are 7X15's with 235/60/15's.

The car really gets alot of attention anywhere we take it and has won many trophies at shows here locally in Eastern Washington and also in Canada.  It has been down the 1/4 mile a total of 6 times.  My best time was 13.51 at 105mph while babying it off the line.  Those that race all the time think it would break into the high 12's if I ran slicks and by-passed the mufflers. 

With thanks to the guys from the Dodge Charger Forum at:  

Kent Goins 

Denver, Co.


1968 Charger 383HP automatic from the factory. Was converted to R/T when it arrived at the dealership...So it is not a true R/T but darn close since the dealer upgraded it to R/T specs(limited slip diff, R/T trim, etc.). I converted it to a 4-speed and made it the car I would have purchased had I not been only 4 years old at the time. The car is currently being finished and is dusty from the shop. Paint is the same color as from the factory and the car has been converted to a 440HP from the original 383. Essentially it is true to it's original factory look and build throughout with the exception of the aforementioned items. My advice to those interested in restoring some old memories...You better be committed to the cause! Because it's gonna cause some pain!!!



Kurt Smith

Norfolk, USA

This has been a long term project having every nut and bolt off the car, saving paint marks if found and getting the car to as close to the tag as possible. This is a base charger still needing the black vinyl top. The car will be a 383 4BBL. with auto on the floor. I have 90% of the interior and will be my summer project.

Curtis Blow

The charger is a 1970 burnt orange charger with the c stripe.

It has the 440 and all the numbers match.

It has 400+ hp. 

The charger is all original and has the factory paint still on it.  



More pictures at this link

Mark and Jayne Christiani

1969 HEMI Charger.


(Thanks for the parts!)


New project;

Norm's 1966 Dodge Charger

Sunset Red paint job with a beautiful all Black interior, Indy Aluminum Heads & Roller Rockers. It is 501 CI displacement (bored with a stroker PAW crankshaft)...600+ HP, Crane Cam is 528/552 - 322 Adv. Duration and the engine was a 440 High Performance 1974 Magnum at one time. Two 650 Holleys, Polished Weiland Alum. Tunnel Ram, Headman Headers, Summit Racing 727 Torqueflite, 10” TCI 3,500 RPM Torque Converter, 4:10 Sure-Grip Rear-end, Big HP Crane Cam, B-Cool aluminum Radiator and everything chromed and polished under the hood…..just for starters!  I keep it stored between trophies...